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Principles of Privacy

Japan-Feinkost respects the privacy of all individuals who visit our sites.


All personal data is treated confidentially. The data necessary for processing the transaction is stored and used only internally.

All of the voluntarily provided personal data will only be used to provide the requested service and to remain in contact with you.

Naturally you have the right to enquire, what personal data we have stored about you. You can make adjustments and you also have the right to instruct us to lock or delete the information.

To find out what personal data we hold about you please send your request in writing to:


Grindelberg 41
20144 Hamburg

E-Mail: info@japan-feinkost.de

Technical notes

We develop our web site under the principle of data avoidance and data economy.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Our site requires a browser that can represent CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is used to represent the layout of a website. CSS is already integrated in all current browsers. Older browsers will not be able to represent the layout.

Data Storage

Our website does not use technologies that store data permanently on your computer. The personal information entered in the shopping cart is stored in a session in your browser, it will be automatically deleted when you close your order or close your browser. Disadvantage is that you must enter your personal data for each new order.