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Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Hamburg

Every May at the Alster lake in Hamburg a firework is ignited to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival.

The Cherrytree Bloom in Japan

For every blossom there is a blossom-fairy and the fairy of the cherry blossom is eypecially holy.

The beautiful flowers of the cherry trees are unfortunately transient. So they are particularly celebrated. At the beginning of the first flowering, the Japanese picnic under the cherry trees and celebrate the cherry blossom. They dine together, play and enjoy the flowers.

The first festivities were supposed to be held by the emeror Saga in the year 812.

Many Japanese even travel through the different regions in Japan, following the flowering. The first cherry blossoms show up in the southern part of Japan, so that the real "fans" take a journey from the south to the north.

Therefore, in Japan, a "weather insurance" is offered, which ensures the tourism industry against financial loss, for example, in case the cherry blossoms should already begin to bloom in April.

Cherry Blooming Season in Hamburg

At the end of the sixties, the Japanese community in Hamburg started to plant cherry trees, to thank the city for its hospitality. Since then you find the beautiful, pink flowers in the Alsterpark, at the Alsterkrugchaussee and at the "Altonaer Balkon".

In the year 1968 a firework was ignited as further thanks from the Japanese community in Hamburg. Meanwhile, the fireworks on the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival has become an integral part of the cultural program in Hamburg.

For some time now, in a 2-year cycle a cherry blossom princess is elected, to keep the memory of the flowers alive for the rest of the year.