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jap. Kochbuch

Food to please the eye as well...

Food in Japan is not * only * prepared for the stomach, but also to please the eye. The dishes are often small works of art. They are characterised not by portion size, but by diversity.

Our Cookbook is to show you step by step, how you prepare the various dishes and what tools you need. Let us abduct you to the world of Japanese cuisine.

You want to learn the correct preparation of sushi from a sushi master? Take a look at just the latest information about our cooking courses.

Soup and rice

Every meal includes a bowl of soup, as well as a bowl of rice (the myth, one must always eat more then one bowl of rice, because one bowl was a serving for the deceased, can not be confirmed).

Not only Sushi!

The Japanese cuisine is not only healthy because it is very low in fat, but it is also very varied as no other cuisine. Above all the various forms of sushi are known to people all over the world. There is however much more to the Japanese cuisine and for that reason we are planning to add more and more recipes to our cookbook in the future. So drop by again every now and then.