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Mizutaki (Torinabe) (jap. 水炊き)

A Japanese Stew with Chicken Meat

Mizutaki is a typical dish from Fukuoka and has at least a hundred years of tradition. Mizutaki belongs to the Nabemono, Japanese dishes prepared in a clay pot (Donabe). Comparable with European stews. Nabemono are eaten in Japan during the cold season and cooked on the table during the meal. A table stove heats the pot and the ingredients are added piece by piece. To prepare this soup, shredded chicken meat is cooked slowly. In this broth, the vegetables are then cooked together with the chicken until all is well done. Spice the broth lightly with salt to taste.

Ingredients: (4 portions)


Ingredients for the Ponzu-dip


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Soak the konbu in 2L of water for about 20 minutes - the water is later used to prepare the dashi stock.

Let the mushrooms soak for 15-20 minutes in lukewarm water with 1 teaspoon sugar. Sugar accelerates the soaking and gives more aroma. Clean the shiitake, break off the stems and cut the head crosswise on the top.

Broach the chicken legs and then put them in boiling water for a bit to clean them. Set aside.

Cut the tofu into approximately 2,5cm wide cubes and drain. If you prefer fried tofu, fry the tofu in a pan and then drain. Set aside.

Clean the leeks, if necessary wash them, drain and cut diagonally into about 5 cm long pieces.

Clean the carrots, wash, drain and cut diagonally into about 3 to 5 cm long slices.

Wash each of Chinese cabbage leaves, drain.

Blanch the spinach in hot water and then roll it in the Chinese cabbage leaves.


Prepare the dashi, by bringing the water, the konbu and 30g katsuobushi to a boil. Skim the katsuobushi flakes (Katsuobushi of good quality can be dried and used again). Blot the konbu with a damp kitchen towel, and cut into 4 strips. Cook the konbu and chicken legs together with 125ml rice wine and 1 tsp salt in 2L dashi stock in the Donabe pot until the chicken is well done.

In the meantime, give either glass noodles (harusame) or shirataki noodles into a separate pot of boiling water. Let the shirataki cook for about 2 minutes and then drain. Cut the shirataki into 10 cm long pieces. Cook the glas noodles (Harusame) for about 5 minutes and then drain.

If a table cooker and enough space on the table is available the Donabe pot with the cooked chicken meat can now be placed on the table. The ingredients are gradually added into the Donabe pot. Set the kettle only high enough to keep the water close to the boiling point.

If no table cooker is available, you can also give all ingredients into the Donabe pot and cook all on the stove. Once the vegetables are cooked, serve in the pot and enjoy.

Set up a small bowl of ponzu dip for each person. In this, the food is dipped briefly before consumption.


*Instead of konbu Kimchi and Korean miso paste (Gochujang) can be used. This gives the Nabe a Korean taste and ambience.

Variation as Noodle or Rice Soup

To use every last bit of the broth, add udon noodles or rice at the end to obtain a udon noodle soup or a rice soup.


Bon appétit!