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Recipe for Shabushabu

Shortly Blanched Beef with Piquant Sauces

Shabushabu is a delicious dish for celebrations not only how often claimed during the winter months but also in summer!

Ingredients for 4 portions Shabushabu

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Shabushabu Shabushabu

Ingredients for sesame-Sauce

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Ingredients for the ponzu-sauce

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Ajipon - soy sauce with lemon vinegar

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Preparation of the ingredients

Step 1

Cut the beef slices legthwise in half, if they are very wide.

Step 2

Put the Shirataki or glas noodles into boiling water. Boil Shirataki for approximately 2 minutes, Harusame for approximately 5 minutes, drain the noodles and cut the Shirataki into 10 cm long pieces.

Step 3

Cut the Tofu into approximately 2,5 cm big qubes and let them drain.

Step 4

Clean the leek, if necessary, wash it, then drain and cut diagonally in about 5 cm wide slices.

Clean the Shiitake, break off the stems and slice twice diagonally into the top of the mushrooms head.

Step 5

Clean every Chinese cabbage leaf, drain and cut into approximately 5 cm large pieces.

Step 6

Dab off the Konbu with a damp towel and cut it into 4 strips.

Step 7

Arrange all ingredients on a plate (see Figure 1), taking care that shapes and colors are in harmony with each other. Serve with a fork or serving-chopsticks on the table.

Step 8

Peel the radish, but grate it last. Clean the spring onions, then cut them diagonally into very thin strips. Serve seperately.

Preparation of the sauces

Mix the listed ingredients.


For the Sesame-sauce you must mix the ingredients in the same order as on the list!

Shabushabu Cooking and Serving

Step 1

Put the Konbu in about 1L water and bring it to the boil on medium heat. As the water starts boiling, remove the Konbu.

Step 2

Place the vegetable ingredients into the broth, according to their cooking times - but not all at once!

Step 3

Use a fonduefork or chopsticke to hold the Meatslices into the broth. Gently moving them back and forth until the are half done. Then dip into the sauce and eat them. Take other ingredients of your choice.

Step 4

While eating siphon off the broth every now and then with a skimmer. Replace taken ingredients immediately, so that the dinner can proceed without interruptions.


Shabushabu Krabbe

If you would like to make the fondue tastier, you can use various other meats.

A particularly tasty variant is to use crab meat of the king crab. The king crab meat is snow white and has an intense taste. The quality is so fine, that it is regarded as a reasonable alternative to lobster meat.