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Recipe for Sukiyaki

Beef Fondue - Ingredients for 4 Portions Sukiyaki

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Ingredients for Warishita stock


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Step 1

Cut the meat into approx. 8 cm long stripes.

Step 2

Give the shirataki or glas noodles into boiling water. Cook shirataki for approx. 2 minutes, harusame for approx. 5 minutes, then rinse and cut the noodles in about 10 cm long pieces.

Step 3

Cut the tofu in about 2,5 cm big cubes and let them drain off.

Step 4

Clean the Shiitake, break off the stems and slice twice diagonally into the top of the mushrooms head.

Clean the leek, if necessary, wash it, then drain and cut diagonally in about 1 cm wide slices.

Free the cleaned and washed spinach from the hard parts of the stem and cut the leaves, depending on the size, in half or into quarters.

Step 5

Prepare all the ingredients decorative do on a plate. Place chopsticks or a fork with the plate.

Step 6

For the Warishita stock you mix and then heat up all ingredients in a pot, untill the sugar dissolved completely. Place the stock on the table in a jug or in a bowl with a small ladle.

Step 7

Per person crack open 1 egg into a bowl an place one at each place setting.

Step 8

Cut the beef tallow in about 2,5 cm big cubes.

How to cook and serve Sukiyaki

Step 1

Rindfleischscheibe in die Pfanne geben Heat the pan on the dining table, fry the beef tallow cubes in the pan until they are half melted, then evenly grease the pan with the tallow. Put some slices of beef in the pan and fry until they are half done. Then add half of the Warishita stock and as many of the other ingredients as you like.


Generally, the shirataki are added at the end of the order, because they only need to be blanched for a short time.

Step 2

Each person mixes the egg with the chopsticks and helps himself to some food from the pan. The meat and the rest of the ingredients are diped into the egg, before they are eaten.

Step 3

Sukiyaki More ingredients and more stock are added to the pan as required. Here, the stock has a taste-giving function.


The Warishita stock slowly boils away or gets absorped by the ingredients. Make sure that there is always some liquid in the pan. If neccessary keep adding more stock.