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Gyoza (jap. 餃子)

Kaiso Salat

Filled with cabbage, Onions and Pork

The half moon shaped Gyoza originally come from China. Nowadays Gyoza have spread, beginning in the city of Utsunomiya, to all regions in Japan. Gyoza are dumplings filled with meat or vegetables.. In Ramen restaurants you can find Gyoza as a side dish, supermarkets sell Gyoza deep frozen. Gyoza are usually fried in a pan and seasoned it with a sauce. They can also be fried or steamed.

Ingredients for 4 Persons

Kaiso Salat

Dip (per person)

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1. Chop up all ingredients into small cubes.

Gyoza Zubereitung

2. Mix them all together in a bowl.

Gyoza Zubereitung

3. Prepare the dumpling dough. The easiest was is to seperate them from each other and then stack them in a round on a plate. This way you can easily grab each one with one hand later in the preparation process.

Gyoza Zubereitung

4. Take one piece of dumpling dough in your left hand.

Gyoza Zubereitung

5. Fill the stuffing with a tablespoon on the middle of the piece of dough.

Gyoza Zubereitung

6. Take care to leave the sides empty.

Gyoza Zubereitung

7. Moist the edge with some water. This way the dough will stick together more.

Gyoza Zubereitung

8. Fold the dumpling dough in the middle and sqeeze the left corner together for about 2 cm.

Gyoza Zubereitung


Now you fold one side of the Gyoza three times in the same distance form each other. You push together an S-shaped fold and sqeeze it together.

Gyoza Zubereitung Gyoza Zubereitung

Look at these pictures for the basic principle: Take one half of the dumpling dough between thumb and forfinger. The other hand holds the dumpling. Push together an S-shaped fold and afterwards sqeeze it toghether eith the left thumb and forefinger.

Gyoza Zubereitung Gyoza Zubereitung Gyoza Zubereitung

The third fold in the last third is made just like the first two.

Gyoza Zubereitung

This was only one of the many different possibilities of folding Gyoza. If you want to get to know more possiblities you jsut have to look at some pictures of Gyoza on the internet.

Gyoza Zubereitung

Roasting, Steaming, Frying

Whether you dampen fry or deep fry the Gyoza depends on what they are serve with, and how economical you want to use oil/grease. We recommend to fry the presented variant in a frying pan on only one side until they get an appetizing dark brown color.


Gyoza are served as an appetizer or snack, as well as a side dish. They do not count as a main meal. Gyoza are eaten with your fingers or with chopsticks, once you have dipped them briefly into a sauce. The dip can be prepared or mixed individually by each person at the table.

Kaiso Salat

Bon appétit!