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Recipe for Tonkatsu

Breaded Pork Neck Cutlet


Tonkatsu is breaded pork neck cutlet that is very similar to the Wiener schnitzel. Tonkatsu is however, unlike the Wiener schnitzel, made from thicker meat. It is served with cabbage, Tonkatsu-sauce and a dollop of Karashi mustard. A correct Tankatsu dinner naturally comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup.

Ingredients for 4 people




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Cut the cabbage into fine strips and give them into a pot or a bowl with water.

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Remove excess fat and loose pieces of the meat. Cut eventually existing tendons a few times with a knife, but you do not remove them.

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Turn the meat over in flour. Just tap off excess flour

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Mix the eggs in a bowl with a shot of milk. Then pull the meat through the egg once on each side.

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Coat both sides thick with Panko bread crumbs (Japanese coarser bread crumbs).

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Prepare all cuts of meat.

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Heat the oil in a pan to 170°C. When the oil is hot enough, let the meat slip individually and carefully into the oil.

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During the deep frying turn the meat a few times, until it is crisp and dark brown on both sides.

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Cut the tonkatsu into bite-sized pieces and serve with the cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and a slice of lemon on a plate. Give some of the sauce over the meat and some mustard on the side of the plate, then serve.

Bon app�tit!