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Recipe for Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki 1

(Japanese Pancake)

Ingredients for the Dough for About 4 Servings:

Ingredients for 4 Portions:

To refine the Okonomiyaki, you can chop shrimp, pork or squid, and fold under the dough.

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Preparation vom Teig:

Step 1:
Okonomiyaki 2

Give approximately ¾ of the water in a large bowl and add the half egg. Stir well with a whisk.

Step 2:
Okonomiyaki 3

Add to the flour slowly and in small portions, and mix the whole thing carefully.

Step 3:
Okonomiyaki 4

The dough should be so thin that it may pour of a trowel.

Preparation der Pfannkuchen:

Step 1:
Okonomiyaki 5

Heat a pan (if available an electric crepe grill) to 180 degrees.

Step 2:
Okonomiyaki 6

Slightly press the pancakes with a spatula on the bottom of the Pan, to get as much contact area and to embed the cabbage in the pancake.

Step 3:
Okonomiyaki 7

If the pancake is fried golden brown from both sides, you can serve the pancake...

Step 4:
Okonomiyaki 8

Give approx. 20g of Okonomiyaki sauce and mayonaise on the pancake - best in a pattern!

Step 5:
Okonomiyaki 9

Sprinkle some of the bonito flakes on the pancakes. Be aware that the bonito flakes have a strong taste so do not flavor too much.

Step 6:
Okonomiyaki 10

Sprinkle some of the aonori on the pancakes. Done! You can now part the pancakes with the cooking spatula into bite-sized pieces.

Bon app�tit!