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Japanese Soups

Traditionally, a bowl of soup is part of every Japanese dish.
It is served not as a separate course but together with the other dishes.

Dashi - Stock


Almost all Japanese soups based on dashi-stock, which is made from bonito flakes and kombu-seaweed. These two ingredients are not visible in the finished dish, but they are very importend basic ingredients. Nowadays you can also buy instant dashi, for easy to prepare dashi-stock

Miso soup

Miso is soybean paste that is divided in light (white) and dark (red) miso. The light tastes rather sweet and mild, the dark rather bitter, and pungent. A favorite is the mixed miso, (Awase-miso). Typical ingredients for miso soup are tofu, wakame (seaweed), aburaage (fried tofu) and chives. But of course you can use other ingredients as requested e.g. (radish, Chinese cabbage, and so on).

Noodle Soup

Japanese people like to eat noodle soup, especially for lunch, because it is very easy to digest. The most famous Japanese noodles are udon and soba. But also somen which are eaten cold, tast very refreshing in a hot summer. Remen and ramen, which actually come from China (ramen) and Korea (remen), are now a Japanese national dish as well.


Dashi Stock

Dashi Stock


Miso Soup

Kitsune Soba, Japanische Nudelsuppe

Kitsune Soba

Japanese Noodle Soup
Kitsune Udon, Japanische Nudelsuppe

Kitsune Udon

Japanese Noodle Soup

Ramen - ein Stück japanische Esskultur


A Piece of Japanese Food Culture
Sumashijiru, klare Suppe mit Shrimps


Clear Soup with Shrimp