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Ramen (jap. ramen)


Ramen are a seperate variety of Japanese noodles, however the noodlesoup prepared with them is called Ramen in Japan. Ramen is available in Japan in special restaurants, the Ramen shops (ramen-ya).

Outside of Japan Ramen is often known as an instant noodlesoup, but the taste of an instant soup can not compete with the taste of the real Ramen soup.

Ramen is one of the moin dishes in the Japanese food culture. In Tokyo alone there are about 5,000 restaurants and food stalls that sell Ramen. Many of these restaurants have their own, hideaway Ramen recipe. These recipes are regionally influenced and therefore there are a variety of different Ramen in Japan. Here we present you a recipe from Tokyo which helps you prepare your own Ramen.


Ingredients for 4 people

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A good preparation is most imported for the preparation of Ramen. If you have all ingredients prepared, then the serving of the soup takes only a few minutes.

First you prepare the stock. You can use different kinds of stock depending on taste preferences or religious affiliation.

(In unserem Nudelangebot ist eine Soßenbasis for die Brühe schon enthalten)

Start to cook the prepared stock and add soup vegetables, garlic, leek and the ginger while cooking. Season to taste with salt, pepper, soy sauce and maybe a shot of sake.

Dashi stock can be used as a Variant.

Blanch the spinach, cook the egg and cut up the leek, the fish pie and the roast pork. Place the prepared ingredients, until shortly before you serve them, in the refrigerator.


Warm up the bowls briefly with warm water, before you serve the soup. This prevents too early cooling of the soup.


Give the noodles into boiling water and cook for 3-4 minutes. Drain the noodles in a sieve and briefly rinse under flowing water.


If you are using the sauce base from our range of goods, give it into the waremed up bowl and fill up with hot water (or clear stock). The sauce base consists of soy sauce and various , and secret, stock ingredients.


Place the bamboo shoots in the stock before you serve, so that they can soak up the taste of the stock. Then fill up the bowl with your favorite stock.


Give the noodles into the bowl and stir them in carefully with chopsticks. Aesthetics is important! Make sure that the noodles are placed nicely in the bowl then add, according to taste, a small piece of butter.


Garnish the soup with two pieces of roast pork and fish pie, half a boiled egg, a hand full of spinach, a piece of nori-seaweed flake, a bit of bamboo and some leek.

Bon app�tit!