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Ingredients for one Roll

Ingredients von California Rollen

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Step 1


Stretch the cling film over your bamboo mat so that it overlaps the edge (at least 5 cm). The film is required to separate the different layers of the rice and seaweed from the bamboo mat. (Picture 1)

Step 2

Bild3 Bild2 Spread rice on half of the mat and place the kelp (seaweed) centered on the rice. On the kelp spread a fingerthick strip of rice and then Japanese mayonnaise. Then, place the avocado and the fish to each side of the mayonnaise. (Picture 2 and 3)

Step 3

Bild5 Bild4 Rollup the Roll as usual. But sure to pull out the cling film after the first "turn" of the roll, so that it does not remain in the roll. Continue to sowly pull out the cling film, as you roll further. Then, you press the roll in shape as usual. (Picture 4 to 6)

Step 4

Bild7 Bild6 Now gently pull off the cling film from the rice, but leave the roll still on the cling film. Carefully cover the rice with the sesame seeds. Carefully press the roll with the mat in shape again - as usual. (Picture 7 and 8)

Step 5

Bild8 Leave the cling film around the roll, so you get fewer problems when cutting. (Picture 9)