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Futomaki, thick Roll


Ingredients for Three Rolls of Futomaki

Ingredients to cook the shiitake-mushrooms

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Step 1

Ingredients Shiitake Mushrooms and Kanpyo

Let the mushrooms soak for 15-20 minutes in lukewarm water with 1 teaspoon sugar. Sugar accelerates the soaking and gives more aroma.

Step 2

Pour off the water and let the shiitake drain.

Step 3

Bring the shiitake mushrooms with dashi stock to a boil. (The mushrooms should be covered with liquid). During the cooking process, leave the pot open and skim off the resulting foam (otherwise the mushrooms get bitter).

Step 4

Shiitake with Dashi-stock

After you brought the mushrooms to a boil, add 2 tablespoons of sugar, the soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of cooking wine to the liquid then simmer everything on medium heat for 15 minutes.

Ingredients for Cooking the Pumpkin Strips

Kanpyo in kaltem Wasser

Step 1

Wash the dried pumpkin strips in cold water then drain them.

Step 2

Knead the drained strips with salt (this makes them softer).

Step 3

Rinse everything thoroughly.

Step 4

Bring the strips in water (the pumpkin should be just covered) to a boil. When the pumpkin strips are done, drain water.

Step 5

Season the pumpkin with sugar, soy sauce and cooking wine.

How to Roll Futomaki?

Basic Information:

Before you can start, you need prepared sushi-rice. Please refer to the chapter how to cook sushi-rice first. You can buy all ingredients in a starter-pack in our store.

Step 1


You place the seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat so that the sheet concludes with the front edge of the mat. When you place the rice on the sheet leave a one centimeter think strip at the back edge free of rice, at the front edge a slightly thinner strip. Do not put too much rice in the middle as you need the space for the many ingredients of the Futomaki.

Step 2


Garnish the pumpkin on the rice, about one-third away from the bottom edge.

Step 3


Garnish the blached spinach on the rice above the pumpkin.

Step 4


Garnish the coocked carrot on the rice - above the spinach.

Step 5


Garnish the coocked shiitake mushrooms on the rice abe the carrot.

Step 6


Distribute Denbu made from fish with a small spoon on the rice above the Shitake mushrooms.

Step 7


Place the square cut stick of boiled egg on the roll about as high as the spinach and carrot, then press slightly onto the egg.

Step 8


Lift up the front edge of the bamboo mat slightly with your thumbs. Easily press the contents of the roll with the other 8 fingers to hold them in place. Easily roll with your thumbs, while lifting up the mat a little. When you have rolled up to about a third of the role you flip over an approx. 2cm-wide piece of the bamboo mat (see photo). Press the now visible strip of seaweed sheet with your fingers to the center of the role, then continue rolling.

Step 9


When the bamboo mat starts to touch the fingers one hand lets go and continues to roll with the thumb of the other hand. Before you finally turn over the mat (like an awning) you roll it back and forth once. The form of the bamboo mat turns round this way.

Step 10


The edge of the bamboo map must be placed along edge of the seaweed sheet, like on the picture. Now press the roll firmla to give it the final form.

Step 11



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