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Japanese Egg Omelette

Ingredients for two "rolls"

Ingredients von Omelette

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blending of the egg

Before you mix all the ingredients, stir the potato starch into the stock (otherwise it disolves poorly) and then add the rest of the ingredients. The sugar should be dissolved completly, when all ingredients are mixed up.

The Pan

Bild1 For the egg omelette you need a special Japanese pan. It has a square shape, a non-stick coating and an extra high side. The "professional" pan is made of copper and is very good to handle. For the omelette the pan must be heated strongly. Heat the pan and then take it off the stove and place it on a wet towel. This prevents the egg from sticking to the pan an getting scorched. Now give it a thin coating with oil and add the first part of the egg. When you have rolled up the first part of the egg place the pan back on the stove to continue.

The First "Step"

Bild2 Reduce the heat or place the pan on a wet towel. Give the first part of the egg into the pan, so that the bottom of the pan is covered. Let the egg set. To make sure that the egg doesnt get scorched on the underside, you can lift it up with chopsticks on a side. When the egg is coagulated the rolling starts. For this you lift up the pan. Roll up the egg with the chopsticks from the top of the pan to the bottom, towards you. Turn it over about three times, depending on the size of your pan.

The Second "Step"

Bild3 For the next layer you heat up the pan and oil again. Lift up the first "roll" to make sure that the oil spreads underneath it. Push the "roll" to the top of the pan. Add the next part of the egg to the pan so that the bottom of the pan is covered again. Make sure that some of the egg spreads under the first "roll" so that you are able to continue rolling it. Again, wait until the egg coagulates then start to roll up the egg again from the top towards the bottom of the pan.

The Completion

Bild4 Repeat the above steps as many times as you want, but at least three times.


Before you cut the finished omelette, let it cool on a plate. Bevor Sie das fertige Omelette schneiden, lassen Sie es auf dem Teller abkühlen.

You can use the finished Tamago for the "thick roll" (Futomaki and for nigiri-sushi with a belt (obi).