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The preparation of shrimp is relatively simple and will make a lasting impression on your sushi guests! Buy about two shrimp per person. The uncooked shrimp look inconspicuous grey, like a lobster. Only the cooking and the chilling in cold water brings forth the wonderful orange-red coloration.
The cooking process takes only a few minutes, depending on how big the shrimp are.


Skewer the shrimp to prevent them from bending while you cook them. To skewer the shrimp you straighten it up carefully in your hand. Now skewer the shrimp from the tail end along the underside. Boil the shrimp in slightly boiled water and add a shot of white wine for the flavor.

Shrimps Leave the shrimp in the boiling water for an aditional two minutes, after they start to float towards the water surface. Take out the shrimp and chill them quickly in ice water.

After the chilling, remove the skewer with a turning motion, peel the shrimp and remove the legs

Shrimps Leave the last chitin segment and the tail intact. Press the tail fins flat on the table and cut of the round end in an angle of approx. 45°. The ventral endge of the tail fin stays longer.
Shrimps Now you cut, carefully, through the shrimp from the ventral side. Make sure you cut only the meat and dont cut through the skin at the back!
Shrimps Remove the dark intestines. This tastes bitter and is not very considerable!

Shrimps Tip: Dip the shrimp into sushi vinegar for approx. 2 minutes before you press them onto the rice ball (nigiri). This supports the full flavor of the shrimp.