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Kaiso Salad

Kaiso Salat

Alternative: Wakame Salad

Kaiso means seaweed. A kaiso salad or a kaiso mix usually consists of several kinds of seaweed.

Ingredients for 4 people

Kaiso Salat

As an alternative to the kaiso mix
you can use 10 g Wakame.

Marinade - Variant 1

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Marinade - Variant 2

Marinade - Variant 3

Marinade - Variant 4

*The bold written ingredients are available in our store!


1. First soak the kaiso for 10 minutes in water.

Kaiso Salat

2. Half the cucumber lengthwise and then cut it into slices. Sprinkle the cucumber slices with a little salt to dehydrate it.

Kaiso Salat

3. Let the aburaage thaw, halve it, and then cut it into approximately half a centimeter wide strips.

Kaiso Salat

4. The ginger is first cut into large pieces, then sliced ​​and finally very finely chopped.

Kaiso Salat

5. Give the kaiso seaweed, cucumber, the aburaage and the ginger into a bowl. Mix it all well with the marinade.

Kaiso Salat

6. Last but not least decorate the salad into a small bowl, for example on a lettuce leaf.

Kaiso Salat

Bon appétit!