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Tempura, Baked Vegetables
(293 kcal per portion)


Ingredients for 4 people


Tempurasauce as a dip:

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Yamasa Konbu-Tsuyu Konzentrat Do you want to have it slightly easier?
Then we highly recommend you simply take an already prepared sauce. They are available in our store and in our online shop. Dilute the concentrate in the ratio 1 to 3 for this dip.

   • YAMASA Kombu Tsuyu - sauce concentrate


  1. Prepare the vegetables, then fill a pot three quarters with oil and heat it to 170 degrees.

  2. Mix the ingredients for the dough in a bowl easily with a wooden spatula. But not to the extend that it becomes a smooth mass. There should still be flakes of flour visible in the dough.
    Tip: Keep the dough as cold as possible, e.g. add some ice cubes, because as a result the tempura are particularly crispy!

  3. Dip the vegetable one after the other into the dough and then give them into the hot oil (a few pieces at the same time). Fry until the dough is golden brown and crispy. Dip multiple strips of carrots together into the dough and deep fry. Remove the fried Tempura from the oil and let the excess oil drain on a rust or metal screen.

  4. Give the ingredients for the dip into a pot and bring all to a boil. Serve the tempura on a plate and fill some of the sauce in small bowls, one for each person. Give each person as desired grated radish and grated ginger into the bowl and serve hot