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Recipe for the Production of Tofu

Required for the production of tofu is Nigari, a mineral in sea salt. Normal rock salt does not contain any Nigari, therefor you can not produce tofu with it.




(If you prefer to buy soymilk, start at point 5)

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Cook soymilk yourself:

Step 1:
Tofu 1

give 300g soybeans a quick wash, then let them soak in 6 cups (1,2l) of water for a night. The beans should absorb all the water.

Step 2:
Tofu 2

Give the swollen beans and an additional 10 cups (2 l) of water in a blender and puree several times.

Step 3:
Tofu 3

Bring the liquid in a pot to boil once and then simmer for 15 min. on low heat while you keep stirring.

Step 4:
Tofu 4

Place a sieve on a bowl and a cotton cloth in the sieve. Strain the contents of the pot through the cloth and at the end give it a good wring out. Now your own soymilk is in the bowl!

Sojamilch Not every commercial soy milk is suitable for the manufacture of tofu. Most soymilk products, in particular the soy drinks either have additives (such as sugar) or the fat has been removed from them. We recommend natural SOYA BIO from PROVAMEL.

Tofu Preparation

Step 5:
Tofu 1

Put the soy milk into a pot and heat it to 75 degrees.

Be careful not to bring the soy milk to a boil!

Step 6:
Tofu 2

Slowly add the Sea Salt (with Nigari), dissolved in 4 tbsp of water, while constantly stirring with a rice-trowel.

Step 7:
Tofu 4

Cook for 5 minutes on a low heat. When the mass is thickens, turn off heat, close the lid and let the mash simmer for 5 minutes. No longer stir while the mash simmers.

Step 8:
Tofu 5

Tofu 6
Tofu 7

Fully cover to the rectangular wooden container that has drainage holes with a cloth made from cotton. Now give the mash in the cloth.

Step 9:
Tofu 8

Cover the wooden container and place approximately 500 g for 10-15 minutes on top.

Step 10:
Tofu 10

The tofu is now fixed and can be removed from the form.

Submerge the fresh tofu in water, to remove the remaining bitter substances in the tofu.

Of course the freshly made tofu tastes best, if you consume it on the same day. Submerged in water in tupperware it keeps fresh for a week in the fridge. Please exchange the water every day.

Tofu 11

Bon app�tit!