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Sushi Cooking Class for Advanced Learners

We offer advanced courses for groups of 8 persons or more

Sushi cooking classes take place from time to time in our shop at Grindelberg 41. You start at 3:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm (beginners) or 7 pm (Advanced) after we invite you to a dinner with the participants.

Become a professional sushi chef at Japan-Feinkost

As in the sushi cooking course for beginners, you will be provided with all the needed ingredients and equipment. In this course you will have new experiences with a pan for Japanese omelette, which you can take home for free after participating.

California Rolls

As usual we serve Japanese tea and cold mineral water during the course.

The Japanese art of creating Japanese egg omelettes, which are further processed to sushi, is included in the program. You will realize that the making of the omelettes is very similar to the layer system of Baumkuchen.

In addition you will learn to make some thicker "sushi rolls" called Futomaki. For this you need a total of five special ingredients, the shiitake mushrooms, Kampyo (pumpkin), carrots, eggs and spinach.

Another highlight for each sushi plate are the Gunkanmaki (a kind of stuffed Noricone), which you will fill with salmontartare and tuna salad. Of course, you will learn to make the famous carlifornia rolls. In addition to the preparation of sushi we would like to show you how to prepare a Japanese clear broth.

After our advanced cooking course, you are able to offer your guests at home a great variety of sushi variations. As a small thank you for your participation, you will receive a certificate and the recipes and of course the omelette pan. If you want to sign up, then please send us the completed registration form by fax or mail, or email us. We are pleased to hear from you.

For groups of 8 persons or more we offer special dates for advanced courses.


Participation Fee

124 € incl. a dinner with the cooking course group. As in the beginner course, you are presented various drinks such as Japanese beer, Japanese tea, rice wine and plum wine to try out during the dinner.

You can take your own sushi production home after the course like you did after the sushi cooking class for beginners. We advise you to invite enough friends and acquaintances, because you will take your complete own production of sushi home, to pamper and delight your guests.

Each participant also gets the unique opportunity after the cooking course to shop at our store for 10% less!

A guaranteed reservation for the desired date is only made after receipt of the payment for the cooking class. If it is not possible for you to appear on the desired date we ask you to find a replacement or to ensure that you cancel or choose a different course date at least ten days before the cooking class. Otherwise we must bring the cooking course fee fully to account, since we will need to purchase fish and other ingredients. We ask for your understanding. Thank you very much!