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Nihonshu or sake is a traditional alcoholic drink from Japan. It is a rice wine that can be drunk either hot or cold.

Sake is made ​​from special sake rice types which are fermented. The higher the degree of polishing of the rice grains to a fraction of the original size, the stronger the refinement and taste of the rice wine.

Hot sake is drunk from small cups and cold traditionally from square cedar cups. Today cold sake is served in wine glasses. Just like wine, the different sake types fit different types of food. The quality range is very wide. From the simple pleasure in a can to very exclusive varieties, which may contain gold leaf or are stored over decades in traditional oak barrels, everything available for sake enthusiasts.

In our store in Hamburg we not only offer you sake (rice wine) but also many other Japanese delights like Shochu (rice snaps) or umeshu (plum wine). Here you can find a small selection of our assortment. If you would like to know more about sake, consider visiting our sake-guide.

All products available in our online shop are also for sale in our store in Hamburg.