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Yamasa`s History


Soy sauce was created more or less accidentally, when the monk Kakushin, living in the Koukokuji temple in Kishu Yura, tried to produce Kinzanji Misu. The result of this clerical error is similar to the present-day Tamari soy sauce.

Gihei Hamaguchi, the founder of YAMASA, comes from Hiromura, which is located next to Kishu Yuasa, the birthplace of soy sauce, and Kishu yura.

Gihei Hamaguchi’s Relocation from Kishu to Choshi

YAMASA`s founder Gihei Hamaguchi moved from Kishu to Choshi and founded YAMASA 1645, in the second year of Shoho. Attracted by the success of Jirouemon Sakiyama, who also moved from Kishu to Choshi and developed new methods for fishing and founded the Choshi Tokawa port, many people, as well as Gihei Hamaguchi, moved from Kishu to Choshi and the Bousou region. Choshi has a similar climate as Kishu, which is regarded as ideal for the production of soy sauce. Since then Choshi has become a top location for the production of soy sauce.

Choshi also extends into the Pacific Ocean and is cool in summer and warm in the winter, as here the cold Oyashio current and the warm Kuroshio current meet. The maritime climate and the high humidity in this region activate important microorganisms for producing soy sauce.

What the Letter of the YAMASA Logo Symbolizes

Premium soy sauce quality is recognizable by the Shogunate

erste Qualitaet In the year 1864, the first year in the Genji period, the Government gave the strict command to all traders, to reduce their prices by 30 to 40% in order to control inflation. Soy sauce manufacturers in Choshi and Noda said that if they would lower their prices they would no longer be able to maintain their business, since they could neither save on the quantity, nor the quality. The Government then made an exception for certain high-class products and granted the trademark for "Soy sauce of best quality". Since then, this trademark is a part of YAMASA logos.

Benefits of Soy Sauce Preferred by Experts

Characteristic and Excellent Flavor

YAMASA soy sauce covers the fish-smell of seafood and clear aroma brings to light the delicious taste of sashimi and other dishes with seafood.

A Bright and Deep Red Color

Although every soy sauce is similar in color, there are some that are redder and some which have a more bluish color. YAMASA soy sauce is red with a clear and bright color, which stimulates the appetite.