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Japanese Knives

An ancient Japanese proverb says: "A Feast for Your Eyes" accordingly food in Japan is not only for the stomach, but is also prepared as a treat the eyes. Fascinating decorations, created by cutting techniques, which have been perfected over the centuries, give the dishes the special Japanese flair.

japanisches Messer Japanese mastercooks consider a knife not only as a kitchen appliance, but rather as an extension of their arms. As an extension, which allows them to transform food into enchanted masterpieces. They are also convinced that the nature and manner in which a food is cut, significantly affects the taste of it. Therefore it is no wonder, that Japanese mastercooks use various knives depending on the intended purpose. Just as if the blades were their arms and fingers.

We offer numerous masterpieces of Japanese knives, including utility knives, chipper and mincing knife, fish fillet knife, vegetable knife as well as whetstones. Furthermore we gathered useful information and tips, as to the issues of maintaining and whetting.

All products available in our online shop are also for sale in our store in Hamburg.