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Japanese Knifes : Grinding


Before using the grinding stone it should be completly submerged for about 5 to 10 minutes in water. Please make sure that there is always a light film of water on the surface of the stone during grinding.

One-Sided Sharpened Knifes

First, put the sharpened side on the grindstone. Please make sure that you maintain the from the factory predefined angles. Grind the knife, as far as possible, with an angle of 45° to the grindstone (in order to achieve a larger surface) with pressure to the cutting edge, and loosen the pressure when you move the knife of the cutting edge. This operation should partially repeated during the process of grinding, as described above, in the same number of times only ca. 1/10 as many times as you had grinded the knife on the opposite side.

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Both-Sided Sharpened Knives

Sharpen clasic kniveforms as one-sided forms, however you must use a grindingangle of around 15°. It is important that you grind both sides evenly so that you will again receive a symmetrically grinded blade.

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