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Japanese Knifes : Technology and Design

The Shun-Handle


The Shun handle is made of fine, laminated pakka wood and is ergonomically shaped. The cross section of the handle shows the traditional Japanese "chestnut" shape, which fits comfortable into the hand (available for left-handed persons also). Because of the new Fulltang design, the steal of the blade is extended until the end of the handle. Thus, blade and handle are perfectly connected and the knifecut is optimally guided.

Damask Grain


Each Shun knive receives a unique and individual character from finishing the beautiful damask grain of the blade. Thus, each individual Shun knive becomes a distinctive single piece - a work of art that combines technology, craft and design.

The Patented Serrated Knifeblade


The patented serrated knifeblade is one of the revolutionary new developments of the KAI-Company. The waves of the blade run out from the center of the blade into oposite directions. This way, the bread is not torn, but perfectly cut with each movement and while cutting the bread, the crumbling is reduced to a minimum.

The Fluted Edge


The fluted edge, a step further towards the perfect cut. Through the application of a fluted edge to known bladeforms of the series, the unique sharpness is perfected by friction reduction. When cut, the fluted edge creates air cushions which reduce the sticking of materials to the blade to a minimum.